Dryers, Stretchers, Purificating machines, Twisting machines woolen cards, Sizing machines, Warping machines, Automatic thread handling machines, Tricot machines, Dyeing machines, etc.

Extruding machines, Molding machines, Embossers, Cutters, etc.

Agitators, Reactor Tanks, Pumps, Rubber making machines, etc.

Automatic cement weighing and packing machines, Glass making machines, Annealing furnaces, etc.

Paper machines, Filters, Cutters, Coating machines, Corrugating machines, etc.

Machine tools, Automatic welding machines, Iron & Steel machinery, Water Treatment Equipment, etc.

Wire twisting machines, Rolling machines, Extruding machines, etc.

Off-set and Photoengrave presses, Cutters, Rotary presses, etc.

Assembly conveyors, Painting conveyors, etc.

Mills, Packing Plants, Cement Plants, Auto & Truck Plants, Automobile, Medicine & Pharmaceuticals, Coal Mills and Dairies.

Food Processing Machines, Cigarette Machines, Test Equipment, etc.